Paul Nash


NORTH SEA NAVIGATOR is Bristol-based composer, musician, recording artist, and producer PAUL NASH, whose scores have been released on albums ‘The Haunting’ and ‘Hope’ for Felt Music. Solo LP ‘The Memory Clears the Space for What’s Needed’ (Blurred Recordings), released April 2018, features guest vocalists Nadine Gingell (Lady Nade) and Jo Mary Butler, plus guest spoken-word artist Joe Shire, with remixes by Benoît Pioulard, Thought Forms, Antoni Maiovvi, Frequent Traveller, TAO, Luke Sanger, Mountain Range, Mute Forest, among others TBC. The original music and sound by North Sea Navigator and Tim X Atack for Sleepdogs’ ‘Dark Land Light House’ received critical acclaim. This visual and visceral science-fiction for theatre premiered at Bristol Old Vic in April 2016.


  • How You Can Help Stop Suicide (Channel 5)
  • Coast To Coast (Channel 5)
  • Landward (BBC1/BBC2)
  • Mind The Age Gap (Channel 5)
  • Dylan Ar Daith (S4C)
  • Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson (BIFF 2017 award for 'Best Music')
  • Aberfan: The Day Our Lives Changed (ITV News)

Having answered an ad in NME for a singer, Paul first met and collaborated with Nick Talbot in Assembly Communications, moving to Bristol in 2003 to join the original Gravenhurst (Warp Records) live 3-piece, and to form North Sea Navigator.

Having toured internationally with Gravenhurst, Paul left to concentrate on his own project, expanding North Sea Navigator to a live 3-piece with Charlotte Nicholls (Portishead, Crippled Black Phoenix) and Tim X Atack (Angel Tech, Sleepdogs), self-releasing ‘Alibis EP’ and ‘stunning debut album’ (Rock Sound) ‘Make the Blacklist’.

As a live 4-piece with Neil Johnson (Angel Tech), North Sea Navigator toured with Rose Kemp (One Little Indian Records). Paul collaborated with Kemp on the track ‘Edward’ (Silber Records) and Johnson on North Sea Navigator’s ‘timeless and fascinating’ (Rock Sound) second studio LP ‘Among the Dead City’.

Currently in production is third studio LP, ‘Lights in Darkest England’, recorded as a 4-piece.

Recently,  One of Paul's scores 'Noctonal', from the Felt Music album 'Hope', commissioned by Steve Spiro and Liz Williams at Felt Music features on Channel 5's 'How You Can Help Stop Suicide' and another track 'Solitudes Daughter' has been featured on Finnish crime drama 'Bordertown' (Finnish: 'Sorjonen') Episode 16